Lila Seling Mabo Vice President of GRNC

The president of GRNC Man Gurung, vice Maya Dongol KC, sect .Sushila Thapa Magar , I myself and all the team were holding the GRNC banner all the way to Prince’s Hall on parade.
Victoria Day was held on Saturday,10th June 2023 in Aldershot town UK. The parade was organised by Rushmore borough Council and this is one of the biggest events in the local calendar.
Victoria Day is a fun-filled day of family activities, live music, dance and forty stalls throughout Aldershot town centre. It celebrates Aldershot’s close ties with Queen Victoria and attracts thousands of visitors to the town.
This year’s theme was ‘Circus’ and we all put on the greatest show!
The highlight of the day was the grand parade at 11am, which includes more than 600 people including samba and marching bands, schools, community groups, veterans, Nepali and Indian dancers, classic cars and Queen Victoria – Aldershot’s Betty Bryce.
Most of the Gurkha soldiers (Nepali) and their families are living in this area which is part of the Greater Rushmore Nepali community and which has actively taken part in this parade for many years. GRNC is coordinated with many other sub communities from this area such as Naumati Baja UK Kirath Yakthung Chumlung Rushmoore Branch UK, Bhagat Khatri,Ajay shresta, Gurkha Ama samuha Empire, Gurkha Ama Aldershot, Kirat Rai Yayokha UK, LAmjung Samaj UK,Maddhat Samuha , Magar Association, Magar Yought Association, Naya Yuwa, Pasa Pucha Guthi, Project together,Shiva Culture, Tamudhee UK and so on.
GRNC was the winner of the prestigious Traders Trophy for this year which shows its successful integration in the Rushmore Borough.
Many volunteers from GRNC, including myself, were marshalling the public until the end of the parade. The weather was 30 degrees for the first time of this year so I didn’t wear any sun glasses or hat because I wanted to get a nice sun tan.
This parade highlighted the multiculturalism, diversity and inclusiveness of this area.
I was so proud to be a part of this celebration as a member of GRNC and the Gurkha family. On behalf of the ethnic minority background community, I would like to thank Rushmore Borough for the opportunity to take part in this event.

This shows me helping to marshal the public at the parade
Photo courtesy of Gurkha Media ( Milan Tamu)

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